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Heroes Stillness

Where icon-makers discover their powers...

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How It Works Welcome!

The Challenge

Every week a new blank will be posted. You may modify the blank and add text but you may not blend any images with it. Your submission can not be animated. After all, this is a stillness challenge.

The Icon

A new challenge will be posted every week with 2-4 screencaps to choose from. Post your icon as a comment to that post. You may only submit up to FOUR icons, only one per picture. You CANNOT combine the pictures to make it animated, that is why it is stillness. All comments are screened for anonymity so do not post your icons else where until the results have been posted.

Your icon must fit LJ’s standards. 100x100, 40kB max and be .jpg .png or .gif format.

Post both img and url versions of your icon using a reliable server, www.photobucket.com works well.



The Vote

Vote for your three favorites in order but no voting for yourself.

The Results

The votes are tallied and the winners are posted.
A Banner post will be up soon for you to collect your banners and post them where you want.

The Timeline

Sunday night: New challenge posted
Sunday night to Friday night: submit icons
Friday night: Voting is posted
Friday night to Sunday night: voting
Sunday night: Winners posted

If you have any questions or comments, email stirig@comcast.net (Stephanie) or marcal_92@gmail.com (Greens)
Rules are borrowed from g_g_stillness
Welcome to hero_stillness The community for fans of NBC’s popular show, Heroes.

This community is moderated by horselovergurl and marcal_92. If you have any questions or problems, please contact one of the mods.

marcal_92- marcal92@gmail.com

-Respect your fellow members
-Do NOT copy anyone else's work

Affiliate Post is HERE . Comment if you want to be affiliated with hero_stillness


This is just temporary until marcal_92 and I make one whole banner post.

Have fun!

No copy fringement intended. No one here owns Heroes.
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